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Features – bi-colour blooms which vary with conditions from almost all white with a touch of orange, to all orange with a couple of white petals and everything in between 

Field Notes – moderate sized plant. In very hot bright conditions the cool white petal tips can discolour around the backs, so in hot climates suggest having option of shadecloth

Suited to –  cut flowers and garden

Terms of sale:  Listing is for one (1) dahlia tuber.

Always unpack your tubers within 24hrs of receipt. Any concerns with the tubers should be addressed immediately as we cannot be held responsible for incorrect storage once they have arrived.

We have strict protocols to prevent viral and bacterial spread and never knowingly send any diseased stock. Once the tubers are growing we are no longer able to guarantee their health state as disease can be spread locally in soil and via insect transmission, so please understand that we cannot refund orders if plants become infected through the season.

Due to quarantine laws we are unable to send any plant material (tubers or seeds) to NT, Tasmania or Western Australia or Overseas to any other country